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Budget planner

You can use this planner to work out how much money you have coming in and what you’re spending it on.

How long will it take

Up to 30 mins

What will you need?

It would be good to have some information about your finances e.g. pay-slips, bank statements and utility bills. But you can make a start by entering rough figures at first.

Your figures are confidential

We won't see them or pass them on to anyone else.

Save your figures

Your figures will be kept while you’re in the budget planner but they will be lost when you leave or close it.

But you don’t have to complete your budget in one go. You can save your figures and come back to them later.

We’ll give you a unique ID so you can retrieve your figures at any time.

You can update your figures at any point by clicking on Save. But remember this will replace any figures you have saved previously.

If you're using the budget planner with the health check, you'll need to save your budget separately here. And you'll need to save your action plan separately in the health check.

Retrieve your budget

If you’ve already saved your budget, simply enter your ID below to retrieve your figures.

Budget planner

Income (Step 1 of 8)

Use this page to record where all your money comes from. You can add other items of income, for example your partner’s income, in the 'Your additional items' section at the bottom of the page.

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  2. = £0.00

  3. = £0.00

  4. = £0.00

  5. = £0.00

  6. = £0.00

  7. = £0.00

  8. = £0.00

  9. = £0.00

  10. = £0.00

  11. = £0.00

  12. Your additional items

  13. = £0.00

  14. = £0.00

  15. = £0.00

  16. = £0.00

  17. = £0.00